Company Profile

Bhaffco was founded in India, From Asian to become the world’s leading Manufactures & Exporters of Fire Protection Equipments. By recognizing the importance and convenience of having easy access to multiple safety services, we became specialized by offering complete solutions under one roof for all types of high-quality firefighting equipment, fire protection systems, fire alarms, addressable emergency systems and security systems.

Specified product manufactured in our facility has been certified by Global Mark inconsistent with International Standards.

Integrated Management System Policy

BHAFFCO is committed to provide quality services related to Design, Engineering, Manufacture, supply, installation, supervision, integration, testing and commissioning, training and maintenance of Life Safety & Security Systems including Fire Detection, Alarm, Suppression, Emergency and Exit Lighting, LV systems and other special application vehicles through timely delivery, and the fulfillment of their needs and expectations, which complies with the specified & implied requirements of our clients and is fit for the purpose which is intended.

The management and staff of BHAFFCO are committed to implement and uphold an effective Quality, Occupational Health & Safety, and Environment Management System. BHAFFCO is also committed to complying with all applicable Legal & other requirements relating to it is Environmental Aspects and Occupational Health and Safety Hazards.

The key objectives of our company’s Integrated Management System policy are:

  1. To achieve the utmost level of Customer satisfaction.
  2. BHAFFCO is also committed to the prevention of environmental pollution in its operations and injury & ill health at its workplaces by implementing effective Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety Management system practices.
  3. BHAFFCO continues to improve the effectiveness of Quality, Occupational Health & Safety, and Environment Management System by establishing, reviewing and accomplishing our Objectives. The Management of the Company ensures this policy is Communicated, Understood, Implemented and Maintained throughout the Organization and other interested parties.